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Xtra peeling glove (bath,hamam,sauna)

Human body is a micro cosmos. Every moment there has been renewing and renovation of the body. As a part of life your body looses 2 billion skin cells every day. Those may play role on some diseases such as asthma. If you do not peel your dead skin away, mites will come where your body drops the dead skin of, mostly this is in your house. The mites eat those dead skin particules and do recycling. Actually they are helpers but what they leave back in your house or on your bed, occurs trouble for your health. This may cause breathing problems, allergies or asthma.
Peeling glove helps you to protect yourself off such risks. Also;

• The skin gets elastic
• Anti-cellulites
• Your back, legs and arms have blemishes, pimples or particularly rough skin, peeling glove will make your skin smooth and soft
• Freeing ingrown hairs
• It prepares your skin for the sun, because skin that has been cleansed of “old” cells tans better and you’ll keep your tan longer
• Skin is renewed faster, fresh young cells can surface
• The absorbtion of cosmetic agents is optimized
• Skin can look younger & suppler, uniform & radiant
• Activation of your own skin`s collagen and elastin production
• Good for blood circulation. With correct moves, it helps to send collected blood back to the circulation.

Special advice to use for;
• Acne Scars
• Cellulite
• Age Spots
• Rough Skin
• Dark Spots
• Ingrown Hairs

How to use
Please do it after sports, sauna or a hard day. First take a shower without soap or shampoo. Then bathe your glove into cold water and use it as peeling massage. The best effect is achieved when being sweaty. Use the glove carefully to avoid irritation of your skin. After peeling you can wash your body and hair with soap. Clean the glove in hand wash with water don`t use together with soap.

PS: Please be gentle on your moves. The glove is extra rough and may take your skin away if you do not carefully peel.


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