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Silk Face Pad

Special silk glove for face peeling. one side silk and the other is viscose. Silk side is suitable for face and the viscose is for neck,back neck and decoltie peeling.
• %100 silk and sensitive care for face
• Anti-wrinkles
• To prepare your skin for the sun, because skin that has been cleansed of “old” cells tans better and you’ll keep your tan longer
• To keep your skin looking beautiful, when you start to peel after tanning, a roundly and kindly massage with silk pad gets rid of unsightly flaky skin; your skin will look smoother and more radiant, and it will stay in excellent shape
• Skin is renewed faster, fresh young cells can surface
• The absorbtion of cosmetic agents is optimized
• Skin can look younger & suppler, uniform & radiant
• Activation of your own skin`s collagen and elastin production

Special advice to use for;
• Wrinkles
• Acne Scars
• Age Spots
• Dry Skin
• Rough Skin
• Dark Spots

How to use?
Wash your face.Then bathe your glove into cold water and use it as peeling massage. The best effect is achieved when you apply it roundly. You can also use together with soap.Use the glove carefully to avoid irritation of your skin. After peeling you can wash your face with soap and apply cumaliX face care oil set. Clean the glove in hand wash with water.


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