Our Philosophy

Our basicly aim in Green Body is setting peace between human and nature. Respect and love on
nature and ourselves.

After industrial revolution human rushed and pushed by hard life conditions. It was a struggling time
for survival. So day by day found himself being out of step with a healty and peaceful life. Began to
forget connection between nature and her/himself. Also end of 20th and begining of 21th centuries
human is under stress and totally break with nature. In Green Body we dedicate all, for this peace
between human and nature.

As Green Body stuff we strongly believe importance of sharing and exchanging knowledge and
cultures. Also responsibly,ethically, sustainably producing,consulting and serving to our stakeholders.
Focused on using %100 pure natural ingridients, traditional methods and not to touch fully or halfly
processed raw materials.

Believing which is given by hand of nature is better and enough. We are sensitively working on to
protect purity of resources. We are not using resources of our time but also next generations.
Respect and love…



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